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The Adidas Three Stripes logo is on display on his body! – bargain store

The Yeezy Foam Runner series is a new collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas, and this shoe debuted in June 2020. It is made of EVA, an eco-friendly material, and the entire shoe has no stitching points, showing a unique design style. The upper is a grey-green tone with Adidas three stripes logo, the sole is shaped with large waves and the overall appearance is very futuristic.

The Yeezy Foam Runner Stone Sage is made of EVA eco-friendly material that is lightweight, breathable, soft and comfortable to wear. In addition, for some people, it also brings a great blessing that it is an easy-to-clean shoe that only needs to be cleaned with water.
As the shoe is made of EVA material, the shoe is light and soft, and very comfortable to wear. Its wave-shaped sole provides excellent cushioning, making you more relaxed and comfortable in sports. In addition, the shoes are also very breathable, even when worn in hot weather, you will not feel stuffy.
The unique shape of this shoe has also caused widespread discussion and has become one of the most talked about trendy items in the fashion world for a while

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